How you live your life is up to you. It’s your life. It’s your art.

Although what exactly I want in my life is probably different from what exactly you want in your life, I bet we have something in common; I bet we both want to live a happy, meaningful life.

I believe loving actively is essential in such an endeavor.

What I write about on this site all comes down to the notion of loving actively, because I believe you will live a better life by consciously choosing to surround yourself with what you love rather than what you hate.

I’m here to share my thoughts and experiences with you. I hope they will inspire you to love actively and to love more so you can create and live the life you love.

My story?

I’ve been traveling around the world as a vagabonding (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) grappler since February 2012, funding this trip through freelance translation gigs. But this is only a small part of a big journey – my life. I’m a student of life, and I’m ready to get more outrageous. Watch out.