19 Reasons Why You Are Already Attractive

You might be thinking that you need to be more attractive in order to create and to live a romantic life on your own terms.

No, you don’t need to be more attractive, at least in one sense. Becoming more attractive can mean adding more stuff to you as a person, and when I say you don’t need to be more attractive in one sense, I mean it in this sense. Adding more stuff (i.e. skills, knowledge, interests and so on) is a great intention and I fully support it – in a way, that’s one of the things I want to help you through this blog. At the same time, it’s crucial for you to realise that you are already attractive.

Being more attractive also means being aware of your existing attractive qualities and making sure that you present them to the world. By bringing out these attractive qualities of yours, you will be more attractive, but without adding anything new on top of yourself.

This post is a little reminder of why you are already attractive. If you find something that matches you, then that’s an attractive quality of yours and you can amplify it further! No matter what others say, you can be confident that you are attractive.

The list is, of course, not exhaustive – so, don’t worry IF you don’t find anything that matches you in the list. Having said that, however, I bet you will find at least one thing that you can relate yourself to.

If you have something to add to the list, please write it in the comment section. Also, share this post with your friends, because they should know they are already attractive too!

You are already attractive, because…

  1. You are full of potential. Trust me, you can do a lot more than you think. You need to realise that you are full of potential and start discovering possibilities within yourself. You may not have what it takes to get the most out of your potential, but you already have enough resources to get started with rolling the little snowball you have.
  2. You are interested in creating and living a romantic life on your own terms. The fact that you are active about and keen on living your life in this way tells me that you are attractive.
  3. You are passionate about something. Perhaps you can name it immediately. If not, do you have something you would love to spend your time doing if you didn’t have to worry about anything? It’s fair to say you are passionate about it. Your passion is one of your most attractive qualities.
  4. You have a dream. Do you have a dream of opening a cafe? Do you have a dream of travelling around the world? Or do you have a dream of baking the most delicious cake in history? Whatever your dream is, it’s great that you have one! (If you don’t… what was your childhood dream?) If you are working on making your dream come true, that makes you extra attractive. If not, believe in your potential and start working on it! If you need some inspiration regarding achieving your dreams, watch this talk by Randy Pausch.
  5. You smile. A genuine smile that comes from within your delighted self makes your beautiful face even more beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old. Your smile alone is attractive, but what’s great about smiling is that your smile is likely to make other people smile too. That’s really attractive.
  6. You choose to be authentic. Being authentic is about being honest to yourself, your thoughts, your desires, and your feelings. If you know how to be authentic, that’s great. If not, you can learn how to be authentic and you can choose to learn it right now. Making this choice and committing yourself to learning how to be authentic make you attractive. As a starting point, I recommend you to read this post and this post by Julien Smith.
  7. You have unique experiences. Note that there is only one you in the world and everything you experience is unique by definition, although others may go through similar experiences and you can connect with them via such experiences. You can share with others the joy you had through your good experiences and that’s attractive. You can learn from your bad experiences and teach others how to cope with such experiences. If you can laugh at your bad experiences, you are really attractive.
  8. You play. When you play and have fun, you are being playful, delighted, relaxed, adventurous, creative, curious and open etc. Remember the times you play and and have fun – that’s when you are attractive. The world needs more of your playful attitude.
  9. You help people. Whatever you do, it’s very likely that you are helping others in one way or another. This fact alone makes you attractive, but it will be much, much better if you are aware of the fact that you can use your strength to help others and choose to help more people.
  10. You are creative. I believe that everyone is creative and that you can develop your creativity muscles. Creativity is not necessarily about discovering something ground breaking or creating a world class master piece of art; it’s more about your attitude – you are happy to play, to experiment, to try something new, to be curious about what you do and to enjoy uncertainty. No matter how developed your creativity muscles are, embrace your creativity and work on developing them. Your creativity is attractive.
  11. You create something. This one sounds appropriate to mention after talking about creativity. Whatever you create – a meal, a map, a dance, a song, a poem, an essay, a fun conversation, a joke, a new way of doing something or a romantic life – creating something is attractive. Actually, what’s attractive is you who engage in and have fun with the process of creating something.
  12. You have curiosity. I highly value curiosity, because curiosity seems to me to be one of the most important qualities to have for people who want to live a fulfilling life. When you let your curiosity guide yourself instead of your fear, you can start enjoying uncertainty. Good news is that most of us already have curiosity and it’s up to us whether to choose our curiosity or not. So you are attractive for having curiosity and if you choose to exercise your curiosity fully, you can be more attractive in the sense of amplifying what you already have. Extra tip: being genuinely curious about others can be attractive.
  13. You are open to learning something new. Being open to learning something new is one example of exercising your curiosity. What you want to learn can be anything, but but your curiosity and desire to learn something new show your attractive side. And if you are the kind of person who enjoys reading a blog like mine, I bet you are motivated to learn something new – I know you are attractive in this sense.
  14. You subscribe to my blog. Speaking of reading my blog, if you are a subscriber of my blog and enjoy reading my articles, thank you very much. I really think you are attractive, because you make me wonder who you are. Having a quality of making others wonder who you are is very attractive. If you haven’t subscribed to this blog, you can do it at the end of this post.
  15. You survived through mistakes you made. Mistakes you made in the past may have knocked you out for a while, but you eventually stood up again and moved on. Some people may never make mistakes, but for most of us who do make mistakes, what’s important is to stand up again after making a mistake instead of trying to make no mistakes. And you’ve done that before and you are attractive for that.
  16. You can think. If you can read this blog, I know you can think. Being able to think for yourself is an attractive quality, especially when you are open to expanding boundaries of your thoughts by being aware of your assumptions and clarifying your understanding.
  17. You are free. Of course, there are boundaries that constrain what you do – the law of nature restricts what you do, your financial situation may limit what you want to do, or you may live in a country where your freedom of speech is violated. However, unless you are completely brainwashed and/or unable to make choices somehow, you are free to make your own choices within the range of options you have. You are attractive for being able to make your own choices.
  18. You love yourself. When you know how to genuinely love yourself, how to trust and how to be confident about yourself, that’s attractive. Loving yourself is something you need to keep practising and to get better at, but I bet most of us are already OK at it. Stop doubting yourself and believing in your potential – that way, you can upgrade your existing skills of loving yourself and be more attractive.
  19. You are you. What else can be more attractive about you, the fact that you have your unique experiences, history, memories, thoughts, feelings, desires, choices, dreams, favourite things and everything else that makes you the person that you are?

Do you know what your attractive qualities are? If so, what are they? Are there attractive qualities that many people have, but they often don’t realise that they do?

Also, what can you do to amplify your attractive qualities that you already have?