Blue, orange, red, dark blue, and black (Day 8)

The sunset was amazing here today. This photo taken with iPhone [*Too bad, when I migrated this blog into another directory, the picture mentioned here got lost!] doesn’t represent the actual sunset I saw with my eyes, but it does serve as a sketch of what I saw.

The thought I had from seeing this sunset was pretty simple. Blue turned into orange, then orange turned into red, and then it will turn into dark blue and then black. That’s exactly what I was thinking, and this thought made me nostalgic somehow. Changes of colour. I have no idea what that implies, but the sunset lets me enjoy nostalgic feelings anyway.

I’m glad I was open to this experience. Of course, this beautiful sunset would catch my attention anytime. But then, being able to notice things like this is a good indication that I can stop to experience things around me. I’ll keep myself open towards these beautiful moments, small or big.

If you’re constantly looking for and aware of such moments, they’ll come to you.