Brief updates – 15 Nov 2010 Edition

Blog posts I recently enjoyed reading:
If you are interested in getting paid for what you love, check out Chris Guillebeau‘s post on “How to get paid for what you love“. He offers some unconventional advice on this topic.  If you like his article, subscribe to his newsletter as well.

Everett Bogue wrote a post on “How to create an A-list minimalism blog in less than 6-months“. You might have noticed that I’ve added a photo of me in the right hand side of this blog; I followed his advice, actually. And yes, I am following his advice #5.

I didn’t realize what Jonathan Fields was up to when he tweeted “Morning, friends. Who can I help today?”. But his post made it clear. I believe what Jonathan does is great and I will try it myself. By the way, although I haven’t seen all the videos introduced in this post, I will check out Jonathan’s “The 7 Keynote MBA: How to Save 2 Years and $100,000“.

I loved this post by Tara Hunt on “Love the one you’re with“. I met Tara when she came to Japan for a launch event for her book‘s Japanese version. Tara held a karaoke tweet-up with her readers, and I tell you, it was epic. Anyway, read her post and start loving the one you’re with. Please. The following passage by Tara is a gem:

My dream is for every single woman – young and old – to get to the point where we no longer compare ourselves to others and unreal media images, but we start loving who we are and treating ourselves like gold.”

I’m still alive. I wrote about 19000 words so far. I should have written about 25000 words by now, but it’s still manageable to catch up and to write 50000 words by 30 November.

Bilingual Webzine:
If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you might have seen my musing on a bilingual (Japanese&English) webzine project. I made a feedback form and you can read more about this project on this form page (English ver. / Japanese ver.). Check it out if you’re curious.

Photo: ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser