Doing gets you going (Day 1)

This post is the first post for my 30 day blogging challenge. The idea of this challenge occurred to me as a whim and I know why it came to my mind. I wasn’t happy with what I was doing—or rather, what I wasn’t doing.

I’ve been learning some entrepreneurial materials since the beginning of this year. I now have better ideas about how to do things in the world of entrepreneurship. Nonetheless, I have the most important thing missing from my yet-to-exist empire: a product. The best way would be such that you pay me for being who I am, but that’s not what where one starts, at least in almost every case. I do have confidence in who I am, but that doesn’t mean you give me your $30 for that. So, in short, I still have no clue about my potential products or services.

Even with blogging, I’ve hesitated a bit about what to write. The reason is not because I don’t do anything worth saying. It’s because I have a few conflicting ideas about what to write. It is often advised that if you want to get a good reader base, you better narrow down your blog’s main topics. While I want to focus on one or two topic, I have a wide range of interests that I want to write about. It might be a common situation for someone like me. It would be great if a few of my interests were related to one another somehow so the readers could enjoy reading the majority of my posts. But as I think about it, my role model Chris Guillebeau writes on various topics like traveling, entrepreneurship and personal growth.

I don’t know how the readers (i.e. you) would like my posts on wide-ranging topics. The only way to have a better idea about it is to write on various topics. It’s much better than thinking over what to write anyway. So, this challenge is an experiment for me. It’s an experiment to find out what works for me. It’s also an exercise to keep my blogging muscles.

Yes, this is an exercise of acting anyway. I surely want to hear from you, but the reaction I get doesn’t matter so much. What really matters is that I commit myself to updating my blog for the next 30 days.

Do you have something you want to achieve? What’s the smallest yet most basic action you can take to achieve it today? I want to hear from you and please share your thoughts with me by writing comments below if you like. Thanks!