From Romance To Love: Narrowing The Focus

Days and months and years went by since I started this site. When I started it, I didn’t know what it was going to be about. It was simply a platform where I would post my writings.

Its focus became clearer after I came to think that my life is my art (or likewise your life is your art) and after I realized that one of the things I want to do is to make the world more romantic.

But here’s a problem. The problem that had been stuck in my mind is, what I consider as ‘romantic’ is not what the majority of people associate with from the word ‘romantic’.

Why is it a problem? It’s because I want my core message to be much simpler than something that would require an entire post to explain what it is.

So, I’ve been thinking about how to narrow down my message–something I want to convey through my words.

When I think about what I value, the following comes to my mind: love, freedom, truth, beauty, authenticity, knowledge, creativity, and life.

I could say this site is about how to live. Or rather, it’s about how I live and about sharing my knowledge and experiences through writing.

I strive to live a life that is inspiring to myself and to others. I strive to live a life where I seek beautiful experiences and share them with others. I strive to live a life of freedom by being aware of choices I have, making my own choices, and being responsible for the consequences. I strive to live a life with the attitude of ease and delight. How do I do it? By being creative and authentic.

What I mean by being creative is to put myself forward, to enjoy what I do, to go through trials and errors, and to experiment with new things.

What I mean by being authentic is to be comfortable about who I am, including my own vulnerabilities and desires, and to be honest with myself and with others.

What I strive for seems to come down to, simply, love. How do I create a life I love and I want to live? By being aware of what I want and figuring out how to get it and so on and so on. But the most important, essential ingredient seems to be love. It’s about loving myself. It’s about loving others. It’s about loving what I do. It’s about loving my life.

The notion of love can be hard to define, but I believe it’s more intuitive than that of being romantic. After all, I could say, “I want to let there be more love in the world” instead of “I want to make the world more romantic”.

“Being romantic” may have sounded fluffy to you. If that’s the case, “love” may sound fluffy to you as well.

Love–what’s in it, really? Why should I talk about it? Why should you listen to me? Or even if you choose not to listen to me, why should you care about love?

Here’s how I perceive the current situation: we seem to know what love is and be familiar with it, but many of us have little idea and don’t really practice as much as they want… or should.

The question is: do you love yourself, people around you, people not around you, things you do, and everything else that comes into your life? OK, maybe not everything, but a lot of things. Are you willing to love more?

Whether you choose to love more and more is up to you. But if you do choose to do so, I’m with you. I’m keen on practicing the art of loving and helping you love more and more. I write about love for myself and for those who are on a similar journey.

But isn’t it supposed to be heavy and deep? I mean, all these talks about love? Perhaps. But if that’s the case, it is exactly a status quo that I want to tear apart.

Let’s make it light and bring it up to the surface. Instead of a heavy bag you want to throw away into the ocean, let’s imagine it to be something light and portable that you can give away. Yes, give it away. Lots and lots of it.

We’ll talk about it more. We’ll love more.