How to turn Seven Eleven Japan into your personal printing center

If you want to print out some color or black&white documents and don’t have access to a reasonably good printer, you might like to check out this online service called Net Print. This post is relevant only to those who are in Japan or will visit Japan in the future.

How Net Print works:

  1. Register for the service (no cost required for registration)
  2. Upload a file you want to print out (up to 2MB)
  3. Net Print gives you the reservation number for your file (予約番号)
  4. Rock up to any Seven Eleven store and find a photocopier there
  5. Select “ネットプリント”
  6. Enter the reservation number of the file you want to print out
  7. Follow the instructions given on the screen of the photocopier
  8. Insert the required amount of money
  9. Voila, your file will be printed out

For colour printing, it costs 100 yen per A3 sheet and 60 yen for A4, B4, or B5 sheet. For black&white printing, it costs 20 yen per sheet no matter which size it is.

I believe that most of you who would be interested in using this service have a good command of Japanese and have no trouble registering for the service and using it. But if you need further instructions, please let me know.