Immersion + confidence + love = ?

I want to create a masterpiece of art and my life is my art. Passion for life is what keeps me going in this endeavor. So, naturally, I’m interested in the idea of passion as well as passionate people.

I believe most of us are passionate about something, even if we don’t proclaim our passion to the world or aren’t actually aware of it. I don’t believe passion is an outdated notion; I believe it’s still alive.

I’ve started learning Argentine Tango since this April and I continue practicing to this day. I’m still new to tango as a style of dance and as a genre of music, but I do know that I enjoy listening to tango tunes. Recently, I came across this video of Loca by Juan D’Arienzo, who is conducting a band in the video.

When I see this video, the word ‘passion’ comes to my mind immediately. The way Maestro D’Arienzo leads the band expresses his passion for the music. He seems to be fully engaged with the music and I can see no doubt or hesitation in him. Also, I bet he loves what he does. His intensity is adding spices to his performance, too. Immersion + confidence + love + intensity. I don’t think it’s a definite recipe, but I do believe it’s a rough guide to passion.

Are you aware of your passion? If so, what are you passionate about? Do you proclaim it to the world? If you haven’t, do it by all means! Let the world know what you are passionate about. You can start from here by letting me know about your passion below!

Photo: Kreig-Hammer