What matters in this competition on Sunday (Day 10)

I’ll participate in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition this Sunday. I’ll be fighting in two divisions: the -70kg division and the open weight division.

On one hand, I can look at the competition this way. I’m confident that I can beat everyone in my own weight category. The open weight division will be more difficult, and I’ll have to work harder. But, it’s achievable. I desire to win and by ‘winning’ I mean beating everyone I fight against.

On the other hand, I can look at it another way. What really matters to me in this competition is to show up as who I am. If I can move just as in daily training sessions, then that’s great–indeed, that’s what I’m after. Whether I beat my opponent or not is not what matters. I still desire to win, but the criterion for winning is different in this case. With this one, whether I win or not is totally dependent on me.

I do want to be a champion, and while that does require me to beat everyone in those divisions, it’s clear to me that the second way of thinking is more important to me.

It’s great to be aware that I’m on my path to excellence, where I measure my success by the way I put myself forward into the world. Winning by points is not what I’m after. Winning by submission. That’s what I want.