Reading the morning pages (Day 9)

I started reading my morning pages today.

During the course of the Artist’s Way, you are not meant to read your morning pages after writing them except when there’s an instruction to do so later in the course.

The last time I read my morning pages was the last time I worked on Week 9 of the Artist’s Way. That’s about 3 months ago. 2 notebooks and half a notebook make 3 months of my morning pages.

Since I wrote them by hand and right after I woke up, most of the pages are rather hard to read if not unreadable at all. But they give me a pleasant surprise. For example, I wrote that I would work on a certain project. After writing about it, I happened to find someone to collaborate with for that project, though I didn’t realize I had written about it when I actually started working on it. Another example is Spanish. I decided to learn Spanish recently-or so I thought. But in my morning pages from 3 months ago, I did write that I wanted to learn Spanish. What does this mean?

My interpretation is this. By writing morning pages, we can make small choices that slowly create shifts in our perspective. Sure, there are some fancy, folk theories that say things along this line… and I like simpler explanations than those fancy ones. So, the point is that if we become aware of what we are curious about and know that it’s okay to go along that curiosity, we start spotting what we want and move towards it, provided that we make deliberate choices to act and do act indeed.

I haven’t finished reading every bit of my morning pages yet. One thing that particularly caught my attention is a question I wrote-what will I be like in 3 months? That was a question from my self as of 3 months ago to my current self. This is a hard question to answer, especially when I feel I’ve been continuously me for the last 3 months.

Can you remember what you were like 3 months ago?