Review: Hipstamatic

I’ve been using this iPhone app called Hipstamatic and I like it. This application turns your iPhone into a toy camera like SMENA 8M or Holga.

Here’s why I like Hipstamatic.

  • Images you can create with Hipstamatic have nostalgic feelings. If you like photos taken with a toy camera, you’ll love it. I like such dreamy and nostalgic images; so, I love what Hipstamatic allows me to create.
  • There are various options for lens, film, and flash. Within the software, you can change your Hipstamatic camera’s lens, film and flash. In addition to the default set, there are extra sets you can buy for a dollar respectively. That’s a bargain.
  • I haven’t had any need to edit the images I took. Some people might feel editing their photos, but I don’t. I’m quite happy with how Hipstamatic ‘prints’ photos. So, if I want to share my Hipstamatic photos with my friends, all I need to do is to upload these photos to Facebook or Twitter straight from my iPhone. Compared to a real camera, it’s handy and takes no space apart from some disk space on your iPhone. For people who don’t like carrying many gears in a bag, this is good news.
  • If you are a serious photographer who needs to carry a lot of equipments, I believe Hipstamatic won’t meet your needs. But for those who just want to have fun by taking daily snapshots, Hipstamatic is a great toy.
  • We must not forget, also, that the application itself is super cheap. I got it for 230 yen – it depends on your default currency, but I believe its original price in US dollar is like two or three dollars. Even with all the additional packs, it’s less than ten dollars.

To see photos taken with Hipstamatic, see here!