In search of a dragon (Day 24)

Could this be a synchronicity? I saw on twitter that SQUARE ENIX is looking for some new members for Dragon Quest’s scenario writing team.

(By the way, twitter has been one of the major sources of awesomeness for me. If you haven’t signed up for twitter, you should do so now. It might take for a while to get what it’s all about, it’s great once you know how it works.)

I’ve been hardly crazy about computer games for the past 8 years or so, but I once wanted to be a game designer. That was one of my childhood dreams. I wanted to be a cartoonist as well. So, I was into making up stories; I dropped it somewhere on the road.

Applicants are asked to send 1) an entry sheet, 2) a short essay on what Dragon Quest is for them, and 3) a short story/plot about revenge, written with 4 out of 6 designated keywords.

Whether I’ll be selected for this position or not does not matter much. I just want to write something, and this opportunity gave me a good excuse… or reason to write a plot. And I did write one. I enjoyed doing it – that’s the most important part. I had forgotten how fun it was to create a world and to imagine how things would work in that world.

I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster now. It’s slowly going up and I don’t know when it reaches the top, because I’ve got a blindfold on. But I sense that it will soon hit the top. Have you ever felt like this? Or are you feeling that sense of adventure and possibility now?