In search of a nomad cafe

An interesting concept came to my mind during a conversation with a great friend of mine: a nomad cafe. Given how unconventional people operate in the world, I wouldn’t be surprised that there be a vagabonding soul that does what I will describe in the following. I would love to know if there’s such a person. If there is, please let me know.

So, here’s what a nomad cafe involves. Let’s say you run a nomad cafe. What that means is simple: you have cooking skills, you love traveling, you enjoy cooking for other people, and there are people who are willing to have a cafe experience with you. You advertise yourself on your website or other similar platforms and let people know that where you are going to run a nomad cafe next time. People who like to have a cafe experience with you respond to you–some might have a kitchen they can let you use, some might have ingredients they can offer you, or others might simply be happy to pay you for the food and experiences you provide.

This person might sound like a couchsurfer with cooking skills, and essentially, that’s correct. I would add and emphasize social media skills to that description though.

Do you know of anyone that fits the description above? Since I’m interested in becoming a vagabond and traveling around the world, I’m curious about this way of exploring and connecting with the world.

I guess it would be a fun way to fund a travel as you go as well as a great way to make great connections with local people. Food bonds us together.

photo: kamshots