Let’s Talk About Sex, Love and Liberation

Sex, Love&LiberationLadies and gentlemen. Let’s talk about sex, love and liberation. These are all important topics, especially when you choose to live a romantic life and plan to make the world more romantic.

Read on and I’ll tell you why I’m talking about these particular topics (though, generally speaking, we don’t need a reason to talk about sex, love and liberation).


Sex is emotion in motion.
Mae West

Sex is more than a physical act. Of course you can make it a mere physical act, but it’s much, much better, more pleasurable and sensual when it’s about stimulating your partner’s mind.

It’s about giving and sharing, not about taking for the sake of your own pleasure (hint: it’s much better when you focus on giving pleasure to and sharing it with your partner/s).

When you have this kind of attitude towards sex, what you do in a sexual context will change. You can be curious about sex and learn more about it rather than considering it as a taboo topic. You can talk about it with your partner and understand what he or she likes.

You are a sexual being. A being with sexual energy. Sexual energy… how can I define it… perhaps a desire for intimacy and physical as well as emotional connections and a manifestation of such a desire.

Whether it’s flirting or making love, you are presenting your sexual energy to and sharing that energy with the person you are flirting with or making love with.

My questions for you is this: Are you aware that you are a sexual being? I have a feeling that it’s much easier for women to have this awareness for some reason, and I’m inclined to think that a lot of men don’t know how to express themselves as a sexual being (let alone expressing themselves in other contexts).

When you choose to live a romantic life, it’s important to deepen your understanding of sex as well as that of yourself as a sexual being. When you acknowledge that you are a sexual being and that you carry sexual energy with you, that makes you more attractive and sexier. It’s part of knowing who you are. For these reasons, I recommend you to think about sex.

There are much more to say about sex, but let’s move on to love.


The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Let’s love more. We’ve had enough hatred and the world needs more love. That means you need to love more. Not someone else, but you.

Love is the core of living a romantic life. Love yourself and that’s how you begin your romantic journey. A long time reader of this blog might know what I’d say next, but if you don’t know how to love yourself, you don’t know how to love others. Seriously.

You are capable of loving and you are loved. You can start small. Or you can start big. Whatever you feel comfortable with, start loving now. Do you love what you do? Do you love your day? Do you love your life? Do you love this… do you love that?

Well, perhaps start with loving yourself as I suggested above.

How? By believing in yourself. By taking care of yourself. By protecting yourself. By being curious about yourself. By nourishing yourself. By getting to know yourself better. By acknowledging who you are.

When you keep practicing loving, you’ll get better at loving. It gets better and better. Keep loving. Make your life romantic that way.


The artist produces for the liberation of his soul. It is his nature to create as it is the nature of water to run down the hill.
W. Somerset Maugham

Unfortunately, a typical school system seems to be designed to take spontaneity, creativity, authenticity and any other goodies that end with ‘ty’ from kids (that’s definitely the case in Japan).

If you were constantly told and taught that you suck either directly or indirectly, that’s what I’m talking about. But hey, here’s good news. You can unlearn that bullshit and liberate yourself.

Whether to liberate yourself or not is a choice you can make. Choose it and you won’t regret it. Since you are still reading this, you’re most likely to be the kind of person who are keen on liberating yourself anyway. Congratulations.

Get to know yourself more and be who you want to be. Life can be a short (and sweet) journey, and I reckon it’s best enjoyed with your liberated self. I guess I’m fairly liberated if I compare myself to others, but comparing myself with others doesn’t matter much here. It’s either I liberate myself more or not. I gotta get ready for a free fall. Figuratively, that is. Or perhaps for real. At some stage.

Why I’m Talking About Sex, Love and Liberation

These topics are important when you think about how to live a romantic life. But there’s another reason why I specifically chose that combination – sex, love and liberation.

My new favorite e-book “Sex, Love&Liberation”, written by Ev`Yan, was released very recently and I want to recommend it to the readers of my blog. If you’ve enjoyed what I wrote so far, you will love reading Ev`Yan’s book.

What Ev`Yan writes in her book resonates with me. Her writing style is very poetic, gentle, personal and loving. Reading “Sex, Love&Liberation” is like having a conversation with her (I’ve never talked with her though).

Go and check out “Sex, Love&Liberation” here. Even if you choose not to buy a copy of her book, make sure to check out her site and read her articles. Also, think about sex, love and liberation on your own.

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