Some remarks on $100 Business Forum

The first week of $100 Business Forum is over. Here are some remarks about this course so far.

The format of the course is as follows. Each day, either Chris Guillebeau or Pamela Slim posts a lesson. Each lesson focuses on one topic and covers key concepts or ideas related to that topic. Lessons are brief and straight to the point. If just reading texts or watching a video posted for a lesson, it would take you only 5 minutes or so to go through one lesson. At the end of each lesson, you get to work on some exercises. By completing these exercises, you’ll understand better what you read or heard in a lesson. The exercises we did so far have been quite reflective in the sense that you get to evaluate yourself and your business ideas.

Even though the information taught and covered in the first week per se is not so much, it feels as though there were a lot of things going on. Perhaps one reason is that this course is more exercise-oriented than lecture-oriented, which I think is a strength of this course. Another reason is that there are 150 participants (including myself) in the course and there is so much going on in the discussion forum.

Everyone in the course comes from different backgrounds and has some great ideas. Some people seem to be quite experienced in the way of entrepreneurship. But then, there are people like me who are just about to start up. Getting to know some of the participants, if not all of them, can be great advantages for you and your business. I’m somewhat overwhelmed by the fact that there are so many people, but I suppose I can work on my own pace and do what I can do.

It’s amazing that there are three more weeks to go. I’m curious about and looking forward to the rest of the course.