Don’t let the world dominate you

Let me talk about another thing I learnt from practising Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and how this lesson applies to something more general.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is often noted for its unique focus on ground fighting skills, because other styles of martial arts hardly focus on such skills. There are some that share similar techniques, but they are not as focused or detailed as in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I do think that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is great for this focus, and I enjoy learning ground fighting skills.

But, there’s something more to this style of martial arts, which not many people outside the style realize. Also, this thing is what makes me appreciate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu more. In fact, I believe this something is much more important than a unique set of techniques that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers. It’s a way of thinking. It’s about how you fight.

A mini lesson on how to fight

Seriously, the best way to fight is to not fight at all. If you can simply walk away and do something more creative and loving, then that’s much, much better.

Even if you have to fight, this attitude will help you – is there anyway to win the fight by somehow walking away it – by not playing my opponent’s game? If there’s one, that’s great. You’d be way ahead of your opponent.

But how do you play your own game? That’s simple – you do your own things and never let your opponent does what he or she wants to do. If you are much more skilled than your opponent, then you can use your skills to make it happen.

Sometimes, though, even if you are more skilled than your opponent, it’s possible that your opponent is much bigger and stronger physically than you. Or worse, your opponent might be stronger than you in terms of techniques as well. What should you do?

Survival first

Here’s what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu emphasizes – survival first. You focus on surviving from every attack your opponent does to you. In order to do that, your first mission is to find the safest position where you can have a rest, but your opponent cannot. Your opponent will get tired eventually. When your opponent is so tired that you can dominate him or her easily, that’s the time for you to finish the fight.

Survival first. It’s such a simple way of thinking, but highly effective.

The world vs. you

So, you want to be remarkable and to do something epic. You want to dominate the world. (By the way, here’s A Brief Guide to World Domination by Chris Guillebeau. You can read it for free. I highly recommend it.)

Let’s apply what I talked about so far to world domination. If you can walk away and avoid this fight between you and the world, that’s fabulous. Don’t play that game the world plays. You create your own world. (Or alternatively, realize that the world needs you.)

But what if you have to face the world and… those sent by the world, like gatekeepers, agents of non-change and whoever that gets kicks out of dragging you down?

Think of survival first. Find the safest position you can find.

By the way, it doesn’t mean you should hide in your bed. That place is not as safe as you might think.

This might sound counter-intuitive, but I bet it’s much better to bring yourself up to somewhere so high that they can’t reach you. Start doing your own epic things and I believe that will create a distance between you and those who – frankly – don’t matter to you.

Take risk of doing what you truly love despite voices that say otherwise and it will get you into such a safe position that they can’t dominate you.

In the next post, I will introduce my free 30 minute brain storm session project. If you want to have a free 30 minute brain storm session with me, then come back to this site on 4 Feb 2011 and sign up for it.

Thanks always for reading this blog. Don’t let the world dominate you. Don’t let anyone stand in your way.


Photo: Smabs Sputzer