Learn travel hacks and get 4 free plane tickets per year

Join the Travel Hacking CartelMr. Art of Non-Conformity, Chris Guillebeau – a man who has been inspiring me for the last few years and a man who aims to visit every country in the world by April 7, 2013 – has launched his new service Travel Hacking Cartel.

Travel Hacking Cartel is a membership site that teaches you “exactly what you need to do to accumulate Frequent Flyer Miles, and what you need to do to redeem them for fantastic trips”.

As a member of the site, you’ll have access to…

  • A number of video lectures on travel hacking
  • Knowledge base, which is a growing database of answers to frequently asked questions
  • Real-time updates of mileage deals and offers

Travel Hacking Cartel makes a very strong guarantee – it promises you one free plane ticket every quarter (25,000 miles) or four a year (100,000 miles), provided that you spend 30 minutes on the cartel  a month.

There are three plans – Economy ($15/month), Business ($25/month), and First Class ($39/month). The guarantee above is effective for the Economy plan as well, which means you spend $45 and can get a free plane ticket worth $250 or so.

I’ve been following Chris for some time and he does deliver what he promises – so, even if it sounds too good to be true, I firmly believe that you will get what he promises in Travel Hacking Cartel. I immediately signed up for the cartel after it launched yesterday.

If you are interested in traveling for free and learning more about travel hacking, I believe you will enjoy subscribing to Travel Hacking Cartel.

Oh, I forgot to mention, but…

  1. it’s limited to 1000 subscribers initially and then it will be open only by referrals and
  2. there’s a 14 day $1 trial – after this trial period, you’ll pay the monthly payment of your plan or you can cancel if you don’t like it.

Chris writes travel hacking tips and essays on traveling on his website – check out the articles below if you are new to Chris Guillebeau’s works.

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Since I’m planning to go to the USA for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championship (to win in my division) and World Domination Summit and then off to South America somehow (I was thinking of cycling from Portland, OR to Mexico and then rolling from there…), I thought Travel Hacking Cartel would help me with flying for less costs. For me, considering long term values the cartel will give me, I had no hesitation about joining it. Maybe it’s different for you, and that’s totally fine. But if you are interested, check out its site. You won’t regret it.

Disclosure: The links to Travel Hacking Cartel above are affiliate links. If you sign up for the $1 trial and continue after that period, I will get 500 miles. If you want to use a non-affiliate link to Travel Hacking Cartel, go to the site from here.