Two free&beautiful spirits I met in Harajuku, Tokyo (Day 23)

On a beautiful Tuesday evening, I met Maude and Chales in Harajuku, Tokyo. Charles was playing the accordion and Maude was selling handmade accessories there. At first, I walked past them. But a few seconds later, I wondered who they were. I got curious about them.

I decided to come back and talked with Maude. She told me about herself and what they were up to–travelling around the world. I think the conventional way is this: you spend your whole life earning enough money to travel around the world when you get retired. Or, perhaps it doesn’t have to be your whole life, but you earn enough money and plan your trip ahead and all those things.

For Maude and Charles, all they needed was a one way ticket to Japan, because they’re determined to make money on the go, by busking, teaching French, or whatever that comes to them.

I loved talking with both of them and it was inspiring to listen to them. I’m glad I stopped to talk with them in this concrete jungle where most people are supposed to be busy with being busy and don’t stop at all to enjoy beautiful moments.

They were so cool that I had to record an interview with them and to share it with you all. They kindly agreed with that idea.

So, here’s my interview video with Maude.

I love what she had to say about “trusting your life”. I don’t know about you, but it resonated with me very much.

By the way, I noticed that a guy in the background wears a T-shirt that says “DEATH”. How funny, given that we were talking about life. Of course, death is an inseparable from the notion of life, but I’m rather amused by his T-shirt. Or should it be classified as one of those absurd moments that are supposed to be mentioned on this blog?

What did you think about Maude’s story? Oh, by the way, if you happen to see them outthere in the world, do talk and be nice to them!