Who’s afraid of loving and being loved?

“Love is three quarters curiosity.” — Giacomo Casanova

Don’t be afraid of loving. It’s not cheap to show your love to the world. It’s not cheap to use the word “love” to describe your feelings. Don’t worry that it might be cheap to spend your love on more than one person or more than one thing; it’s not.

Don’t be afraid of getting rejected. Give more love, and you will get more. Love people around you. Love things you are curious about. Love each moment you experience. Love your life. Love harder. Love more passionately.

Love to love.

Love is unlimited, if you choose to stay curious about what your life has to offer. Love is unlimited, if you choose to keep loving.

Love yourself so you won’t have to be afraid of being loved. That’s right. Don’t be afraid of being loved.

You might wonder why people say they love you despite your imperfections, which you don’t like. You don’t love yourself because of those imperfections.

Good news — your imperfections are part of you, and you are who you are partly because of those imperfections; you are beautiful partly because of those imperfections.

Love yourself and show up in the world.

By the way, always remember this: you are loved.

It’s a message to my past self. A few days ago I made this realization that I was afraid of loving as well as afraid of being loved in the past. Yes, I used to think it’s cheap to use the word  “love” except in special occasions. I now think I was wrong about that… or rather, I was afraid of looking like a cheesy, fake romanticist. By the way, I must look like that type to some people, when I say my mission is to make the world more romantic. But I’m not worried about it at all, because I simply want to love more and to give more love to the world. If you want to laugh at me, do it by all means, but make sure to laugh hard! That will make both you and me feel good. Love or laugh. Or both.

Now I’m committed to loving my life more. Will it love me back? It doesn’t matter, really. What matters is whether I love it or not.

Keep loving.

Photo: peasap