On choosing to live a romantic life

If you celebrate whatever you celebrate on Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate it everyday. The very first step is to choose to celebrate. You can choose to live your life as a celebration of everything you experience.

Assuming that you don’t live your life this way, I bet it will take some time for this attitude to be completely part of you. The change is happening in me and I’m getting closer to that person who celebrates everything in his life, but I’m still working on it.

Be curious about things and people around you. Enjoy the sense of possibility – that is, you choose not to fear what might happen, but you choose to enjoy what might happen. It’s possible that things go wrong, but against all the evidence you can find for them going wrong, it’s possible that things go right.

On a personal level, at least, the question is simple: Which possibility do you want to happen? Once you’ve made it clear, you believe in it and take action so you can make it happen.

Yes. Make it happen.

If you want to live a romantic life in which you love and are loved, then you don’t need to wait for me to make the world more romantic. You simply choose to make the world more romantic for you by believing in the romance and taking action. Don’t be one of those people who keep wishing to live a romantic life, but actually don’t believe in the romance or take action to make it happen. Here’s a rhetorical question for you – do you really think those who believe they will lose even before they start fighting… can win the battle?

Some might say that you can’t force romances to happen, because that would be unnatural. I say they ain’t seen nothing yet. You certainly can’t plan that you will meet the right guy or girl for you at 4pm on Sunday next week. Or you can’t decide whoever you will meet at 4pm on Sunday next week will be the right guy or girl for you. But you can treat people around you as amazing people and be curious about them, for example. That way, you are more likely to meet amazing people and it’s possible that you will share some romantic moments with some of them. Choosing to live that way is something you can do. In that sense, you can make romances happen. Choose to live your life romantically – the world needs your courageous heart to be a lover of your beautiful life.

Does it sound simplistic? Maybe it does. But things can be this simple and there’s nothing wrong with them being simple. In fact, there’s no reason why we should make things more complicated than necessary when the simple will do.

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Photo: +mara